“The most expensive wood in the world comes from are rare tree called the African Blackwood. The cubic meter is valued around $25,000″


The history of pallets goes back to WW2 as they were used to ship massive production equipment along with heavy military equipment. The 48×48 became the standard pallet for the allied countries for ease of shipment overseas. All that changed when a group of warehouse managers came together to find ways they could efficiently store, transport and stack goods. And thanks to them we now have the 48×40 4-way wood entry pallet that is the standard and most used pallet worldwide as the GPMC Pallet.

From a standard skid to a top board only, to a pallet that supported the idea of stacking, to the pallets we have throughout businesses today, pallets have evolved.


Certified Heat Treated Products

What is Heat Treatment? and why is it so important? Heat Treatment is a necessary process through which wood is heated to a core temperature of 140 degrees for a minimum of 30 minutes to kill off any insects or larva found inside the wood. Once heated it is stamped with a globally recognized image that follows ISPM-15 compliance. The reason why we kill off the pest found in our wooden products is to deliver safe and sanitary pallets to our customers. We can manufacture HT pallets in large numbers. If your company is need of HT pallets, please don’t hesitate and give us a call.


Crates & Lumber

The modern crate was invented around the mid-1800. Crates are typically used to store large, heavy items. Wooden crates are our specialty. We can build open style crates, sheathed plywood crates (closed), and crates with cleating (pallet-like bottom). All crates can be Heat Treated and stamped in order to prepare them for overseas shipping. Our Lumber section is divided into different grades and sizes. If you would like to lean more and see a sizing chart, please click on “Learn more” below.

El Dorado Pallets

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